Workbook | Women in Environmentalism – Katharine Hayhoe

This workbook is the first in our Women in Environmentalism series.

Katharine Hayhoe is a Canadian climate scientist who specializes in communicating about climate change with people around the world. She studies climate science and has been a renowned expert in climate communication. She helps people with different perspectives on climate change and climate action discuss climate matters in productive ways.

This workbook includes:

  • an introduction to who Katharine Hayhoe is and her important accomplishments in environmentalism
  • an activity to help young learners discuss matters of climate change and climate action with family and friends
  • an exercise about careers in environmentalism (even if the connection isn’t immediately obvious)
  • a coloring page commissioned by a professional illustrator
  • reading extensions for further discussion of the topics covered in this workbook
  • supplemental resources for adults to explore this topic
  • an answer key for teachers and instructors

You can purchase the workbook, including answer keys, here.

Price: $5.00