Online Teaching

Virtual Lessons

Jess is a certified educator with 12+ years of classroom teaching experience. Invite her to attend your class virtually and present your learners with hands-on educational activities and exploration.

In Person Teaching

Classroom Lessons

Looking for a guest speaker to deliver sustainability lessons and hands-on activities related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to your classroom or student group? Look no further. We offer in-person classroom lessons at a variety of educational levels.

Educational Resource Creation

Custom Activities

We can collaborate with you to create custom lesson plans and student printables that align with NGSS and Common Core standards. Our workbooks include answer keys and step-by-step instructions to allow you to deliver flawless sustainability lessons to your young learners.

Educational Consulting

Educational Resources

Need a second pair of eyes to review and edit educational content? Jess has a specialty in science curriculum and has assisted international companies in creating science resources for both teachers and students. We can provide assistance related to a variety of educational material beyond science topics as well.

Let’s Collaborate!

Working Together

Interested in working together but not sure where to start? Reach out to us and let’s chat!