Fun + Free ‘What To Compost’ BINGO Game For All Ages

Want a fun activity to try with learners of any age to help them better understand all the things you can compost? (Hint: It’s way more than just food.) Try our simple, fun, and FREE Compost BINGO game. Read on for details about the game and how to download it.

Did you know that greasy pizza boxes don’t belong in a recycling bin but the bacteria and microbes in a compost pile will eat them right up? Compost bins love pizza boxes as much as humans love pizza!

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about what you can compost. Our co-founder, Jen, shares all about what you can and cannot compost over on WasteWell. While the list is great for everyday reference, who wants to study lists to learn more about composting?!

FREE ‘What To Compost’ BINGO Game

We created a simple, fun, and free What To Compost BINGO game to highlight all sorts of items that you can compost. We’ve used it with learners of all ages from preschool students to grandparents. BINGO is a game for all ages and composting is important for everyone too!

If you want to play our ‘What To Compost’ BINGO or share it with your classroom, drop your email in the form below and we’ll send it right along to your inbox. The download includes 50 unique BINGO cards as well as a sheet with all the items to call out to players. We glued our items to the back of a cracker box before cutting them out to help make them a bit more durable, but do whatever works best for you.

Download Composting BINGO!

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    Heck, it doesn’t even need to be for a classroom or learning event. Replace your everyday BINGO boards with our Compost BINGO game just for fun at your next social event. We think everyone will appreciate the novelty and refreshed look of such a classic game.

    ‘What To Compost’ BINGO as a Learning Tool

    If you do want to use our Compost BINGO game as a learning tool, use the Can You Compost…? Interactive Tool to discuss the composting nuances of each item as you call it out. Remind people why greasy pizza boxes can’t be recycled. Dispel the myths that onion skins and citrus peels can’t be composted (they most certainly can). And dive into the details about why you should compost meat in some compost systems but not others.

    ‘You Can Compost’ Memory Game

    Want to know a little insider secret about our Compost BINGO game? If you print two copies of the item image sheet, you can use them to play Memory. There’s no need for a whole crew of people to play BINGO.

    Gluing and cutting are important skills for preschoolers and early elementary students (that most youngsters don’t practice enough). Get out that cracker or cereal box as a backing for the pieces and make your own ‘You Can Compost’ Memory game with our BINGO template.

    Upcycle Old, Broken Crayons into Bingo Tokens

    Looking for a way to reuse the ever-growing pile of broken crayons in your home? Upcycle those forgotten pieces of colored wax into cute bingo tokens! Click here for a complete list of materials and simple, step-by-step instructions to create bingo tokens from old crayons.

    More Composting For Kids Resources

    If you want more educational resources about composting and soil health, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these other resources we’ve created all related to composting for kids.

    If you try out our Compost BINGO, be sure to let us know how it goes. Share on social media (and tag us @RaisingGlobalKidizens) so we can see it or send us an email and tell us how it went. We hope you love it!

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