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FREE Compostable Packaging Peanuts STEM Activities For Kids

We all know how much young children love to play with bubble wrap. But did you know that packaging peanuts can be just as fun as the boxes and bubble wrap (and offer great STEM learning opportunities too)?

We’ve got a fun and free compostable packaging peanuts STEM activity workbook for kids that we think children and their adults will love. Read on for more information about how you can use this workbook at home, at your local library, or even as a way to promote the sustainability of your business!

What child needs the gift when the gift’s packaging is more fun, right? We all know how much children love to play with empty boxes, bubble wrap, and all sorts of packaging.

FREE Compostable Packaging Peanuts STEM Activities For Kids

Today, we’ve got a great collection of free STEM activities for kids about the scientific properties of packaging peanuts and the environmental benefits of compostable packaging peanuts over traditional polystyrene packaging peanuts.

Included in this free activity book, you’ll find learning activities about buoyancy, water-solubility, tower design, and more. We also have some bonus resources you can check out at the end of the packet to enhance and extend learning for kids of all ages.

To download this free STEM activity book, simply drop your email in the form below and we’ll send the resource right to your inbox.

    Support Business Sustainability Initiatives With Free & Fun STEM Activities For Kids

    Do you own a business or know a business that ships products with compostable packaging peanuts? We partner with businesses of various sizes to help them showcase how their compostable packaging peanuts are better for the environment than traditional petroleum-based alternatives.

    We have a few friends who run amazing small businesses with sustainability at the core of their missions. They use repurposed packaging and often include compostable packaging peanuts in their shipping boxes.

    Many of their customers didn’t realize the packaging peanuts were compostable, so they ended up tossing the packaging peanuts in the trash. What a bummer, right?

    A few of these dedicated business owners hand-wrote notes inside the boxes letting their customers know the packaging peanuts could be composted and didn’t belong in the trash. But that was tedious. We can help make that education process easier for business owners and much more fun for customers (especially the kids who are hoping the packages are for them).

    We’ve put together a postcard-size note that small businesses can print and include in their packages to encourage customers to compost the packaging peanuts and use them for fun projects with young learners in their life.

    If you work for a business that uses compostable packaging peanuts and wants to include our pre-made postcard in your packages, just drop your email in our sign-up form below. We’ll send you the postcard printout that includes a note telling customers not to toss the packaging peanuts in the trash and a QR code for customers to download the compostable packaging peanuts STEM workbook (if they wish).

      Alternatively, do you receive compostable packaging peanuts in shipments you receive from companies who might like to include this free resource in their packages to customers? Reach out to them and tell them about this compostable packaging peanut activity.

      Send them a link to this webpage and tell them to sign up! It’s an easy way for them to showcase how their packaging helps make their business a better friend to the planet and our communities (and it costs them nothing). Win-win-win.

      Local Library Children’s Programming STEM Activity

      While parents and caregivers can use this activity workbook at home, it’s also a great option for libraries to use as a simple and fun children’s STEM library programming option. The workbook is free to use, and you can do the STEM experiment or just the compostable packaging peanut tower design and build activity depending on what works best for your community and patrons.

      You may even consider asking patrons to donate compostable packaging peanuts they receive at home so you have nearly all the materials for the programming for free. It’s an environmentally friendly and budget-friendly STEM activity for kids.

      We’ve used our workbooks in local libraries in the past to teach sustainability-focused STEM programs, and it was great.

      To download the workbook, simply drop your information in the form below. We have other activities that we think could be great programming options for children’s library programming as well. We’ll drop you periodic updates via email when we have new activities and workbooks that can supplement children’s library programming that we think you might also like.

        Show Us How It Went

        If you include our postcard in your shipment boxes or use our workbook in your home, school, or other learning space, we’d love to hear about it. Share a photo on social media and tag us @raisingglobalkidizens so we can see it. Or send us an email at hello@RaisingGlobalKidizens.com with a photo! We absolutely love seeing our work come to life in your homes and communities.

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