Co-founders of Raising Global Kidizens are also published authors in a new book called How To Raise A Global Citizen, a cheerful, optimistic handbook for parents and caregivers shaping the next generation of responsible global citizens – ready to change the world for the better! Raise globally-minded children, no passport required.

Sometimes life works out in funny ways. In January 2020, Jess and Jen found each other on Instagram. Jen saw this post and noticed Jess was a fellow Pennsylvania resident. She snuck into Jess’ Instagram DMs and struck up a conversation about … we’re not really sure … probably compost, knowing Jen.

Living only about an hour by car from each other, they became fast friends and met up occasionally to do things like pick up trash. I mean… isn’t that what eco-nerd friends do together? For the record, Jess can twirl some undies with the best of them. Proof is in this post.

In November 2020, they both received independent emails from a lovely DK Publishing Senior Editor. Jess responded promptly and professionally like a responsible adult. Jen… skimmed the email, couldn’t believe it was real, and is forever thankful to the editor who followed up with a second email to offer her this wonderful opportunity.

Not until a month or so into the project did they connect the dots that they were both pitched to contribute to How To Raise a Global Citizen. Don’t you think they might have chatted about this sooner?!

All the while, the idea for Raising Global Kidizens was brewing elsewhere, independent of this book and mostly born out of this United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Coloring Poster and Book List project and Jess’ experience as an educator in the classroom and online.

As the recent launch of Raising Global Kidizens leads up to the impending launch of How To Raise A Global Citizen, Jen and Jess have found their space to share their collective talents with the world.

We can’t wait to share this book with you and hope you love it as much as we do. Be sure to order it or ask your library to order a copy.

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