We’re looking for teachers and other content creators to share the educational lessons, fun projects, and engaging activities they’ve created that can help our audience raise the next generation of responsible global citizens. If you have created physical products, printable or digital classroom lessons, homeschooling activities, at-home projects, outdoor nature exploration adventures, or other educational activities or products that align with at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), we’d love to have you write an article about your product(s) and/or activity(ies) to share with our audience. Please note that the product, lesson, or activity does not need to specifically address an SDG but must support learning and development related to one of the SDGs.

In the article, you’re welcome to share an introduction to your product, lesson, or activity and link to your own site where your product, lesson, or activity resides. We think this could be a great opportunity for Teachers Pay Teachers creators, Etsy sellers, bloggers, and other printable and digital product creators and product creators to share about and offer their products to new audiences.

Article Criteria (Creator Responsibility)

  • Original content not already published elsewhere (online or in print)
  • Article 800 – 1500 words
  • Must own the copyright to any material included in the article or include proper attribution
  • May include up to three links to your own product pages, websites, or social media pages
  • May include images to support the article, especially of printable or digital products, if applicable
  • Author Bio 200 – 300 words

How To Submit A Pitch To Contribute

If you are interested in contributing an article to our site, please complete the form below. We will get back to you regarding your submission and application approval.

We are not currently able to pay contributors for their articles. However, links will be “do-follow” links, and we are happy to offer this opportunity for contributors to support their own work that aligns with our mission.