What We Do

Raising Global Kidizens™ is a new, online media space where we create and curate resources to raise the next generation of responsible global citizens. We work with teachers, content creators, and businesses to provide educational resources and activity guides to help kids learn about more sustainable living in all aspects of life.

All of our content is created to align with at least one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each of our educational lessons and activities, product recommendations, and roundups is designed to support parents, teachers, and caregivers raising responsible global “kidizens” (kid citizens) of the world.

Who We Are

Raising Global Kidizens was founded by Jen Panaro and Jess Purcell, two friends who met on the internet and became real-life friends after connecting over sustainable living and learning for families.

Jen Panaro, Co-Founder

Jen Panaro is a self-proclaimed composting nerd and an advocate for eco-friendly living for modern families. As a mom to two boys, she is passionate about helping families find ways to be more responsible stewards to our communities and the planet. You can find more of her work at Honestly Modern, a blog about eco-friendly living for modern families.

She’s also the founder and owner of WasteWell, a company that provides curbside composting services and related educational resources. In her spare time, she’s a serial library book borrower and a messy gardener.

Jessica Purcell, Co-Founder

Jessica Purcell is a science educator who is dedicated to making the science of sustainability accessible to all learners. She creates sustainability science lessons and nature activities written for students of all ages to be done in the classroom or at home to foster critical thinking skills and a love of the natural world. You can find more of her work at Thoughtfully Sustainable.

Jess lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and two cats and can usually be found outside, working out the kinks of an experiment, upcycling trash into “treasure”, hiking with her family, or attempting to read a book while being cajoled into a game of hide-and-seek.